Should You Purchase Rental Car insurance?

Should you take the car rental insurance? Well, the answer is not as simple as a ‘Yes” or “No”. Should you buy the rental car insurance which limits or eliminates your financial liability for the damage of the vehicle you rent? The protection is not actually cheap and you may have to spend around 40 $ to 240 $ in a week for this kind of insurance. So it is important to get an answer to this question and here is how to simplify your decision.


Review your auto policy

The first step is to review your auto insurance policy in detail. You need to check the following important things in your auto policy-

 • Does it extend coverage to rental cars?

 • Does it include coverage for business travel?

 • Does it pay for rental agency fees and other costs?

Check all the above factors and if your auto policy provides coverage for all these, then it is better not to take the car rental insurance policy as you are already covered in your auto insurance policy.

Read the rental car agreement thoroughly and check if it is really worth or not

Spend some time in reading the rental car insurance policy. In most of the cases these agreements are not available online and you have to visit the rental car insurance company in person. DO not afraid of the people behind you and take your time to read the insurance in detail. If you find that the coverage and benefits are same and already provided by your auto insurance policy and others then you can really skip the purchase of rental car insurance.

Thus by a careful analysis you can really understand whether you need to purchase rental car insurance or not.

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