Travel insurance: 5 tips to find the best deals in the market

Travel insurance helps to cover medical expenses, lost luggage, trip cancelation, accidents and other losses incurred while travelling within the country or outside. If you are going to take travel insurance then read these 5 tips to find the best deals in the market for travel insurance.


1. First decide on the cover you need before you go for comparing online deals- Before going to compare the deals online, make sure how much insurance cover do you need. It will depend on the travel destination, mode and belongings.

2. Determine the excess sensibly- Excess is the amount you have to pay towards any claim. If the claim is for 600$ and the excess is 150$. Then insurer pays 450$. Do not set the excess too high. The policy will be cheaper but it won’t be worth having.

3. Never buy the travel insurance from the tour operator, airline or a travel agent. This will cost you more.

4. Check what is already covered- Your home policies often cover insurance for your possessions when you travel. Your credit card may also be covered with insurance while you travel. So check all the belongings which are already covered with insurance. This will help you to cut this insurance amount from the total travel insurance taken.

5. Check the age limits and medical exclusions- A number of policies do not include people aged over 65 even if they are healthy and fit. Many policies do not include pre existing conditions. For example if you are asthmatic and suffer an attack during the holiday then your travel insurance policy will not cover the treatments. Talk to the insurer about all these and some insurers may agree on these conditions by charging some extra premium amount in the policy.

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